Common Questions

Q. If  I play another sport and that game or practice is at the same time as Cheer, what do I  do? 

A. You  will need to miss the other sport's game or practice. Cheer Practice and game schedules are  set in January so that  you  know the cheer schedule before signing up for other fall sports. You are  welcome to play another sport but understand by signing on to Cheer  you are agreeing to make Cheer your first priority. The formations and stunt  groups are set based on your attendance. Last minute changes if you are absent can put the other cheerleaders safety at risk. Missing a practice or game for these reasons will mean that  your  cheerleader will be benched  for a portion of the  following game, and possibly the half time performance.


Q. What to do if I will miss a practice or game?

 A. Practices are  mandatory to  participate in games. All circumstances are different, so you need to contact your parent rep/coach as soon as you know that you will miss practice.



Q. If I have a question about  anything cheer related, what should I do?

A. Always check the website first as it  will be updated reqularly with all the pertinent info. If you  still couldn't find the answer then reach out to  a team member or contact your parent rep/coach.



Q. What if my uniform doesn’t fit properly?

A. You can alter your uniform; it is yours to keep.

Q. Can I  wear my uniform any place other than school or games?

A. As long as you are  with a parent or responsible adult. Cheerleaders may may not for example : walk to Sonic or QT after school and hang out in uniform there. Remember you are a representative of the program anytime you are in uniform. If misbehavior in uniform gets reported back to your parent rep they reserve the right to  bench you.


Q. How do I clean a cheer uniform?

 A. Wash uniform separately using mild LIQUID detergent WITHOUT bleach (we recommend Tide Free or Dreft) in a full tub of cold water after each game. Remove from washer and hang dry or lay flat. NO fabric Softener. NO Woolite or OXI products that contatin bleach. DO NOT DRY CLEAN as it causes "greying". You are expected to come to games with a clean uniform. If your uniform is soiled and stained your Rep/Coach has the right to  have you sit  out.


Q. Are  Phones allowed at Practice or Games?

A. You can have it there,  but they cannot  be used at all during practice or gametime. Please stow your phone safely in your bag or give to your parents.

Q. Am I allowed to wear my sweatshirt or practice T during school and on weekends?

A. Any optional clothing (hoodies , spiritwear or camp shirts) can be worn whenever, but keep in mind these items identify you as a Jr. Patriot Cheerleader and behaviors and actions while wearing them reflect back upon the Jr. Patriot Program.

Q. What should I keep in my cheer bag?

A. The following items need to be kept in your cheer bag at all times:

  • Uniform (shell, midi, skirt and briefs)
  • Bow
  • Poms
  • Extra socks
  • Extra hair ties
  • Bottle of water
  • Shoes should always be with you but not necessarily in your cheer bag, it can cause them to smell and not dry out properly.
  • sweatshirt
  • leggings

Do not store valuables in your cheer bag.

Please contact your parent rep or program chairperson if you have any other questions or concerns you do not see listed.

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My daughter wants to sign up for 6 th grade cheer. Can we still sign her up?

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